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Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Here's how to care for your eyes and your contact lenses


contact_lens_wearers• Attend for regular check-ups as recommended by your Vision Optometrists practitioner

• Wash and dry your hands prior to handling your lenses

• Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses after each use (except daily disposable lenses, which should be discarded after each wear, and continuous wear lenses)

• Air-dry the storage case and keep dry when lenses are being worn

• Apply your lenses before putting on make-up

• Remove lenses then remove make-up

• Avoid hairspray as this can coat your lenses

• Replace your storage case monthly to prevent a build-up of contamination

• Have spare lenses (and solutions, if used)

• Have an up-to-date pair of spectacles available for when you need to remove your lenses

Ask yourself these three questions, each time you wear your lenses:

1. Do my eyes look good? — no redness

2. Do my eyes feel good in my lenses? — no discomfort

3. Do I see well? — no unusual blurring

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no', leave your lenses out and consult your Vision Optometrists contact lens practitioner (contact details here).


contact_lens_goggles• Use tap water on your lenses or lens case

• Wet your lenses with saliva

• Re-use disinfecting solution – discard and replace with fresh solution each time lenses are stored

• Sleep in your lenses unless specifically advised to by your practitioner

• Switch the type of solution you use except on the advice of your practitioner

• Use your lenses for swimming or water sports, unless wearing goggles

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